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Waterlip Segment Scarf
  • Waterlip Segment Scarf

    Handwoven shawl with geometric patterning in regeneratively farmed wool

    This shawl has been handwoven by Jade Ogden in Somerset, using local regeneratively farmed sheep wool from high on the Mendip Hills, less than 10 miles from the loom. Some of the wool has been hand dyed with plants, including madder root and weld. The madder root has been dyed on a natural grey base, eliciting a deep damson shade and the weld has been dyed on a light base, creating a zesty yellow.

    This textile has been slowly handcrafted on a table loom - each thread has been passed through the warp, one-by-one, by hand. It is a 'soil-to-soil' textile, due to being crafted from pure natural materials, at the end of its long life it can be returned to nourish the earth via the compost heap.

    I hope you enjoy this unique, Somerset made textile.


    Scarf measures 18cm x 168cm


    Handwash with care


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