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Organic Ajrakh Scarf - Charcoal & Alizarin
  • Organic Ajrakh Scarf - Charcoal & Alizarin

    Block-printed ajrakh scarf in organic cotton


    This scarf has been handwoven with organic cotton and hand block-printed using natural dyes. The dyes used for this piece are fermented iron and alizarin, from the madder plant.


    It has been handcrafted in the rural region of Kutch, Gujarat in India by Bhilal Khatri and his brother. Ajrakh printing has been in their family for 7 generations.


    We have purchased directly from them at a price that they have chosen to reflect their master craftsmanship.


    This scarf is completely unique and measures 50cm x 200cm


    Handwash cool and enjoy! 


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