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Valentine's Day Edit

The first of February is somehow upon us! If you are looking for something unique to surprise a loved one with this Valentine's Day, there is much to enjoy at The Handloom Room. Here we have created an easy shop window with a fine selection of ethical Valentine's Day gifts.

This Eri Silk & Cotton Scarf has been handwoven by Haresh Manodhiya in the rural region of Kutch, Gujarat in India. It features fine cotton and eri silk, which is often referred to as the 'fabric of peace' as it is usually processed without any harm coming to the silkworm. The moths leave the cocoon before the fibre is spun. These scarves make excellent and very special presents for vegans or vegetarians. We have purchased directly from the handweaver, at the price he chooses to represent his master craft work, enabling complete traceability.

This scarf is a beautiful rose gold shade, with cream and charcoal. There are other colours available in the full range here

The symbol of love - a heart!

These sterling silver heart pendants and heart stud earrings have been individually handcrafted in London by makers recovering from mental health conditions. Each heart has been carefully hammered to forge a beautiful, dappled effect on the silver.

By giving this fine jewellery, you'll also be directly supporting Studio 306 CIC, the enterprise that supports these makers. One maker recently said "My time at 306 has helped me to reintegrate back into society".

The porcelain heart dishes have been crafted in Cardiff by makers with learning disabilities. The white porcelain is framed with a lovely, bronzey glaze. The are perfect jewellery storage solutions!

The Flori Cushion makes a lovely Valentine's gift. It is a small cushion that fits well in a reading chair or to add a splash of colour in the bedroom. It features a handwoven, soft woollen panel alongside reclaimed, block-printed Indian fabric in a lovely, floral print. It has been handcrafted by Jade Ogden in Mendip, Somerset.

If your valentine prefers blues, rusts or greens, take a look at the rest of the cushions in our handmade cushions range.

This fabulous Indian scarf makes a great statement gift.

It has a beautiful sheen in a peacock teal shade and bright, fuchsia pink. It features traditional patterning that is unique of the rich textile heritage of the Kutch region.

It has been handwoven in Kutch, Gujarat also by Haresh Manodhiya. Haresh works daily at his loom, and is supported by his wife who helps to prepare the loom, starch the yarns, tie the tassels and wash the finished pieces.

Our handcarved wooden spoons make a great gift for foodies! They have been individually hewn by makers in London who have learning disabilities, with the support of Workshop 305.

They are available in two natural shades - light wood and dark wood. Each spoon has been conditioned with coconut oil, making them completely safe and non-toxic for the kitchen.

It's still chilly outside and as we are all ensconced in our homes, wrapping up in a beautiful blanket remains a real treat.

This fabulous, 100% wool blanket has been handwoven in Edinburgh by highly skilled weavers who have learning disabilities, who are supported by Garvald Edinburgh.

It is very soft, woven from New Lanarkshire wool which is processed and spun at a heritage mill on a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

This would make a wonderful Valentine's gift for men and women alike.

These are just a few of the timeless, ethical gifts that we have available at The Handloom Room. Do enjoy perusing the site for something special, and don't hesitate to get in touch if you would like any help with, or information about your order -

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