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Something to Dress Up For - in Mustard & Indigo

A trip to the hairdresser! A meal out! A drink with a friend!! We are slowly getting there, and after months of freezing, boggy jaunts in windy fields clutching flasks of tea we now have things on the horizon that we can actually dress up for. I must say I have rather enjoyed discovering the myriad Mendip fields and woody enclaves in more detail than ever before this winter, but it will be nice to do some other things too. And with coronavirus restrictions easing, it's probably time for a little treat - new accessories!

Here are some ideas, starting with beautiful shades of mustard and indigo to help make your outfit extra special...

This beautiful ajrakh scarf is equally as glorious with a summer dress and jeans and will make either outfit feel completely unique.

It has been made with handwoven organic cotton and hand block-printed with natural dyes. The dyes used to create the midnight blue and mustard shades are indigo, turmeric and pomegranate skin. This scarf has been handcrafted by Bhilal Khatri, a 7th generation artisan in the rural region of Kutch, Gujarat. His family have been working with the tradition of ajrakh printing for hundreds of years.

A true heritage treasure.

These are my absolute favourite of the silver earring collection. Pure rock crystal with thick silver panels that have been individually embossed in a dotty pattern.

They go with absolutely anything and will instantly give you a lift!

Dress up or down, but I do think these are extra special if you do have a wedding in the diary.

They have been handmade by a makers recovering from mental health conditions, supported by Studio 306 CIC.

Scarves don't get more summery than this one. Beautiful, hand-woven organic cotton in soft sage with delightfully mustardy tassels. Looks amazing with pinks, greys and soft whites.

The tassels give an extra luxurious feel to this piece as they add weight to the drape.

Purchasing this scarf directly supports a rural family in Kutch, Gujarat who have had little to no income during the pandemic. It also supports the heritage craft practices of the area to develop and thrive.

A really recent addition to the store, these handmade ceramic studs are rather sublime. They are simple, contemporary, easy to wear and will go with just about everything!

They have been crafted by makers with learning disabilities at V21 Pottery in Cardiff. These makers haven't been able to access their studio during the lockdown and are really looking forward to getting back in as restrictions ease next week - can't wait to see what products they will be making watch this space.

A lot of us have started leaving our handbags at home, with little more to take out than a credit card and keys (oh and sanitiser!) there's no need for big bags. Many are speculating that this will continue since we have streamlined our daily clutter.

These floral cotton purses are perfect for stowing your essentials. They are carefully lined with satin giving a little extra luxury and the ideal size to help you to stay travelling light!

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