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Somerset Art Weeks - the Sanctuary at Batcombe & Beyond

We are in the final week of our lovely exhibition in the Old School at Batcombe. It's the second year in a row that I've taken part and it's been another really positive experience. I'm showing my handwoven work - including some brand new wall panels - and some pieces from my Socially Crafted and Artisan Crafted ranges, alongside seven other artists this year - including, Joy Merron, Camilla Frederick, Faye Gillam, Peter Sheldon, Alison Harrison, Jan Pitt and Pam Eldridge.

It's a really good mix of artwork - portraiture, still life and landscapes - satirical illustration, ceramics, sculpture and textiles. I've been particularly inspired this year by Joy's work. She has done an extensive project with used teabags (lots of friends and family have been mailing them to her!) and has reimagined them into an incredible array of vessels and also an exquisite, floral kimono. It is an extraordinary, almost ethereal piece made of stitched teabags all delicately joined together in flower shapes.

I've also been fascinated by her daffodil and snowdrop cordage bowls. Dried leaves, then wetted and twisted into cord - a time intensive process as you may imagine. From a sustainability perspective, this would be a very interesting fibre to explore further. I wonder how it would behave on the loom...

Faye has created a body of work in direct response to the theme Sanctuary. She spent time at a local residential facility - Sexey's Hospital in Bruton - for older people and painted their portraits. It's been really lovely to see those individuals coming in and seeing themselves on the walls.

Peter's postcards have been ever-popular, particularly those with the Queen and Paddington Bear greeting each other and proffering their marmite sandwiches.

If you are in the area, do come and see us - cake and fresh coffee are always flowing!

Batcombe & Beyond

The Old School,

Back Lane,



Open for 4 more days! Thursday to Sunday 10am - 6pm.

Joy Merron's teabag vessels, teabag kimono and Faye Gillam's Sanctuary portraits.

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