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Here & Now, Beckington

I'm delighted to take part in a new Open Studio show 'Here & Now' which runs from Thursday 3rd to Saturday 27th November 2022.

I was invited by artist Sarah Ball, who I met when she visited our exhibition at Batcombe and Beyond last year. She runs her own open studio in her beautiful garden workshop in Beckington, just outside Frome.

She has curated a lovely exhibition, featuring her own work alongside Jennifer Douglas, Slim Sculpture and a collection of my handwoven work including cushions, scarves and 'wool lovers' gift boxes'. I have also given the last Andean braided wool necklace in my current collection - you can find it there!

The show is open Thursdays to Saturdays throughout November at 16 Frome Road, Beckington, BA11 6TD - enjoy!

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